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     With reference to the use of a singular noun with a plural verb, "there are no such things as multipurpose areas for space or body schema..." should have read "schemas" or "schemata".
     With reference to ellipsis, the same statement as above needed to be expanded to make sense, because it could be argued from the researchers' other statements that the posterior parietal cortex was a multipurpose area for space or body schemas, the matter being one of definition.

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     With reference to trying not to find what one is looking for, the researchers chose not to stimulate D1 and D5 in the hand that was not writing, and they chose not to model a dipole for the activity ipsilateral to the stimulation, both of which choices reduced the number of possible controls which might have influenced their findings. The researchers did not discuss these choices.

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    With reference to the experimental design, the experiment cannot be repeated because of the lack of clarity about what the subjects were told to expect. Did the subjects consent to false signals? Was the blinding procedure successful?

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     With reference to reliability and validity, measures were required for both the field activity and the behavioural analysis of videotaped data.
     With reference to euphemisms, "population-level" was a euphemism for inference from a sample of 17.

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