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     With reference to italics, there are 10 uses in a text of 10 pages, inclusive of "and", "feels", and "more".

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     With reference to anthropomorphism, the euphemistic title overlies mediocre science and a flawed publication, as described in the illustrations below. The motivation to publish such questionable material is arguably anthropomorphic.
     With reference to euphemism, the word "elevates" is unusual in the causal context, and the word "suite" is unusual in the behavioural context. Unsurprisingly, analysis shows that the title is not proven by the content of the article, because the oxytocin was given in a carrier, inclusive of chlorobutanol, for which there was no control.
     With reference to new material, the legend to figure 2, on page 1192, describes "excreting behaviours", which have not been explained hitherto in the text, which are not explained thereafter in the text, and which are not present in the labels to figure 2.

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